Systemic Coaching

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Alan Kay

Systemic Coaching in KarlsruheSometimes the comprehensiveness of life can be overwhelming and lets us hesitate on our next moves. Our intuition, experience and helpful peers usually save us from our “head in the sand”.

When theses personal means wear out or even fail, a Systemic Coach can provide valuable services – so to say as an unknowing person or a sparring partner. The external point of view promotes new perceptions of habitual attitudes. The techniques and impulses have a stimulative effect on development and change.

Typical concerns that lead to Systemic Coaching

  • challenges in the organization and development of life (domains)
  • profound change
  • fundamental decisions
  • revision of life domain balance
  • recurring crises or conflict situations
  • development or alignment of personal health orientation

I look forward to hearing from you at my “Office for Systemic Counseling” in Karlsruhe.