Systemic Family Counseling

“Children keep a family together, especially when one can’t get a babysitter.” Frederick Shepperd

Systemic Family Counseling KarlsruheIn the family, so to speak, lies the origin of human relationship, which in turn is the main object of consideration in systemic counseling. Thus, family counseling has a special position in the systemic world. It considers problems as an expression of the current conditions of communication and relationships in the family system. Symptoms appear useful because they give an indication of developmental possibilities.

The aim of the counseling is to expand the perception and action spaces of individuals and the family system. The basic attitude in counseling is resource-oriented. Previous patterns and assumptions are questioned and thus different perspectives are stimulated in order to make new interpretations and interaction variants possible. In order to make relationships tangible, the representation in a sculpture or a designation through pictures and metaphors, for example can be used.

Typical concerns that lead to Systemic Family Counseling

  • adaptation and role-finding as children grow up
  • mental strain of one or more family members
  • ongoing conflicts
  • major changes such as separation, relocation or birth
  • etc.

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