Systemic Psychotherapy

“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.” Voltaire

Systemic Psychotherapy in KarlsruheSystemic therapy views the client’s symptoms as the comprehensible reactions to the requirements she or he senses from the acute environment. These symptoms can manifest themselves as mental discomfort or socially inadequate behavior, for instance.

This perspective shifts the point of interest to those conditions and interrelations that are vital in keeping up the symptoms as they are. These conditions thus add a new set of keys to the desired change.

Typical concerns that lead to Systemic Therapy

  • depressive mood
  • lack of drive, exhaustion
  • sleep disorder
  • anxiety, worries
  • stress, unrest
  • insecurity,  low self-esteem
  • addiction (alcohol, Internet, gambling…)
  • general crises

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