Systemic Employee Service

“Life is like a cobweb, not an organization chart.” Ross Perot

Systemic Employee Service in KarlsruheThe Employee Service is an offer of the Office for Systemic Counseling, which addresses the personal well-being of humans in an organization. The background is my positive experience in face-to-face consulting for renowned EAP providers (Employee Assistance Program, see also

The aim of this service for organizations is to offer their employees easy access to external counseling, which otherwise they would not seek due to lack of knowledge, habits or even time.

Typical concerns that lead to using the Employee Service

  • Signs of exhaustion and stress
  • Crises of life and meaning
  • Partnership issues
  • Changes of personal circumstances
  • etc.

Obviously these are quite common situations that “occur in the best families”. Concentration and coping can cost a lot of energy, which also lacks in work life. Which brings us to the benefit for the organization: It is obvious that it benefits from a quick and also sustainable solution in dealing with the outlined and other burdens. And this is exactly what the Employee Service supports with its consulting services somewhere between Coaching and Therapy.

In addition, the organization gains prestige both internally and externally. The good reputation improves the chances of recruiting, motivating and retaining employees. The conditions for using the employee service depend on the motives of the organization. If you are interested, we will discuss these together and prepare appropriate agreements.

I look forward to welcoming you to my “Office for Systemic Consulting” in Karlsruhe.