Office for Systemic Counseling

“The map is not the territory, and the name is not the thing named.” Gregory Bateson

beratungFor many people, the decision to reach out for personal support and the first steps in finding appropriate offers feel like stepping on foreign grounds. What to choose among coaching, counseling or even the various modes of psychotherapy, for instance? The jargon is quite specific and thus confusing to the non-expert.

Even if this diversity appears to be discouraging… The good news is that you needn’t care about the label. Just focus on yourself, your concerns and objectives – the process flow and your impression of the impact and usefulness of your chaperonage.

Method and course of an appointment

To distinguish my approach in dealing with personal concerns, the prefix “systemic” is quite meaningful. One of the core aspects of “systems thinking” is the consideration of communication and interexchange patterns as the essential components of human relations as well as intrapersonal processes. This basis allows for new insight in the experience of personal problems and delivers effective and sometimes unusual impulses for action in the context of change.

Still most visitors seeking for support are primarily interested in the course of a possible counseling procedure – so to say: “… what am I getting myself into…?”. Moreover, time and cost are equally relevant in the decision process as the question about the substantial orientation, the applied methods or the preservation of personal limits. Just to give you a few answers…

  • appointments according to personal needs, current state, course of development…
  • series of appointments if appropriate – typically every other week and then less
  • systemic counseling also claims effectiveness in short term
  • clients the experts of themselves and determine the substantial orientation
  • techniques are chosen to suite the client – not vice versa
  • agreement of privacy and discretion as well as preservation of personal requests, limits…

Typical Settings for Systemic Counseling

Last but not least, the setting of a counseling process has considerable impact on its outcome. Usually the appointment takes place in an appropriately furnished room or office. However, some situations demand a more dynamic surrounding, for instance, with natural sources of inspiration and moderate physical exercise (also see Nature Coaching). Then, if time and distance are critical aspects, phone and video communication (also see Online Counseling) can help to keep the ball rolling.

Do you wish to arrange an appointment? I’ll be glad to meet you in my private “Office for Systemic Counseling” in Karlsruhe. For messages and phone calls, please visit my contact page.