my Vita

“I stay in my own little zone, and that’s good for me.” Joely Fisher

VitaQualifications and certificates
. AudioFokus® (Axel Mecke, Heidelberg)
. Flash Technique (Philip Manfield, USA)
. Trauma Tapping Technique (Hamne/Sandström, SE)
. Systemic Trauma Therapy (sys-TEM Karlsruhe)
. Psychotherapy Practitioner – Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie (HeilprG)
. Couple’s Counselor and Mediator (sys-TEM Karlsruhe)
. Systemic Counselor and Therapist (GSB)
. Coach and (Mentoring) Supervisor (EASC)
. Training Instructor for Coaching and Supervision (EASC)
. Men’s and Father’s Counselor (HSI Heidelberg)
. Sound Therapy Practitioner (Peter Hess)
. Reiki Master – 3rd degree (S. Bratzel, Rastatt)
. Spiritual Life Guide (S. Bratzel, Rastatt)
. Technical Writer (FH Karlsruhe)
. Electrical Engineer (TU München, Uni Karlsruhe)

Professional Experience
. coaching, couple’s and family counseling
. systemic therapy
. supervision and mediation
. process facilitation
. information/knowledge management
. expert debriefing
. lectures and training
. jazz and experimental music
. communication workshops and training
. creative and technical writing
. translation – German/English

. born in 1964, Princeton, NJ / USA
. since 1971 in Germany
. 4 sons, life partner
. German, English, French