my Profile

„Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.“ Mark Twain

In my professional and in my private life I have always been especially intrigued by human behavior and interpersonal relations – as an industry consultant and a personal counselor … as well as a partner in life, a father or a friend.

By the turn of the millennium my inner compass took its shape and its name: Systems Thinking. In the following years I attended advanced systemic education and continue to visit selected seminars and congresses to develop my individual approach as a systemic counselor and psychotherapy practitioner.

Today I look gratefully at the various incidents and impulses that have driven my decisions and formed the course of my life – including the practice of music and sound, spirituality, nature activity and sports etc. Eventually, turning towards the times to come fills me with joyous curiosity and anticipation for the rewarding encounters and experiences lining my journey.

My approach, my mindset, my means

  • client-centered, solution-focused, multi-modal
  • open-minded, compassionate, humorous
  • mindful, authentic, creative