Systemic Process Facilitation

“Only those who change remain true to themselves.” Wolf Biermann

Systemic Process Facilitation KarlsruheThe origin of a counseling request generally lies in a desire for or need of change. In the case of organizations, we often observe this as an adaptation to new findings, trends, etc. “Change management” is the buzzword on everyone’s lips.

Process facilitation can support the implementation of the planned change within an appropriate time and personnel framework. Classical project management in unison with systemic interventions and reflections create ideal conditions for a purposeful completion of the set tasks under consideration of all involved persons.

Typical occasions leading to Process Facilitation

  • reforms in education or health care
  • adaptation to changing target groups
  • strategy change in the context of organizational development
  • generation change in family businesses – also called succession
  • personnel changes in key positions – also known as expert debriefing

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